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The sailing club provides activities of interest for all Kentucky Lake area sailors. Whether you race, cruise or just like boats and boat people, there is a place for you in our club. The yearly schedule includes four invitational regattas, training programs, club races plus social events from April through November.

You'll not only get many opportunities to participate but can help put on some of these events as well. What you'll get out of it is proportional to what you put in. We welcome your participation.

We also now have various levels of membership participation for sailors, non-sailboat owners, sponsors and supporters of our club. The levels and benefits are as follows:


The dues and benefits are as follows:

  • $40.00 - Associate Membership (non-sailboat owner)
  • $75.00 - Membership
  • $150.00 – Sustaining Membership
    Family Membership with full member benefits and special recognition on the KLSC website
  • $300.00 – Sponsor Membership
    Family Membership with full member benefits
    Name and Logo on any event T-Shirts
    Special recognition on the KLSC website with links to sponsor's website
    Regular membership listing in online directory



KLSC is a cooperating group organization of BoatUS.  BoatUS is a national organization that represents the political interests of boat owners by sponsoring and supporting legislation, conducting public affairs efforts, and promoting boating safety.  It also provides services to boat owners in the form of the BoatUS catalog, towing, insurance, and discounts at participating marinas.  KLSC members can join BoatUS at a 50% discount, just enter our Cooperating Group Number on your membership application.  To obtain our Cooperating Group Number, please open the BoatUS Certification Document in our Documents -> Forms section.  You will need to be an active member and login to view the document.

For more information about BoatUS, see

05/20120 - our current BoatUS representative is John Phillippe  Please contact Randy if you have any questions about BoatUS membership or benefits. 


US Sailing

KLSC is a member of the US Sailing organization. US SAILING is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of sailing and sailboat racing in the United States. Chosen by Congress as the NGB for the sport through the Amateur Sports Act,  US SAILING's mission is to encourage participation and promote excellence in sailing and sailboat racing in the United States. A member-based non-profit organization,  US SAILING accomplishes its mission through volunteers and member organizations, supported by an administrative staff.  There are many benefits of joining U.S. Sailing whether you are a racing enthusiast or just like to cruise.  See their website at for more details.  Our organization member number is 100156F.  The Kentucky Lake Sailing Club is a member of the Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association which is a Regional Sailing Association member of US Sailing. U.S. Sailing members that participate in KLSC regattas receive a $5 discount on the race entrance fee.  
Our current US Sailing representative is John Phillippe,, 618-559-6985.

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