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What are the types of membership?
The KLSC is a non-profit membership organization that promotes sailing in the Kentucky Lakes area.  We have over 70 members. 

We have many sailing events each season, as well as non-sailing activities such as pig roasts in the spring and fall, the occasional cruise to area restaurants or clubs for brunch or dinner, raft ups, cookouts and the big social events each year, the annual breakfast in the spring and dinner in the fall.


Individuals can join as a standard "Member" - this is the level of membership sailboat owners normally select - or as an Associate Member - this is the level of membership for those that do not own a sailboat. 
Members are full members with voting rights at the annual meeting and can vote in elections for the Board of Directors.

Sustaining Members
Sponsor Members  
Only individuals may join KLSC.  There is no class of membership for corporations or businesses, however sponsoring and sustaining  members have the option to list their businesses on our sponsor pages. Additionally sponsor members can have their company logos displayed on our event banner and T-Shirts. These memberships include a standard family membership are full members with voting rights at the annual meeting and can vote in elections for the Board of Directors.

What are the membership dues?

The Board of Directors sets the dues at the Jan/Feb meeting.  Dues income is used to fund the operations of the club. Sustaining Membership dues are currently $75/year, Associate Membership dues are currently $40/year. The events on the schedule for which there is a fee charged generally result in some extra income for the club.  The income from dues and events is used to cover printing, mailing, liability insurance, various operational expenses, promote the club, purchase supplies and equipment needed for the events (marks, flags, etc) and participation in US Sailing organization events such as DIYRA meetings.

Extra income at the end of each year, if any, is retained as an emergency fund in case membership or events do not cover expenses in a particular year. The club financial statement for prior years is posted on the club web site and is available for inspection by members.

How is the club managed?

 The Board of Directors consists of nine (9) Sustaining Members plus the immediate Past-Commodore for a total of 10 Directors.  Directors are elected to a three year term to fill open positions at the annual meeting held the first weekend of November.  The Board of Directors elects a Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer who serve a one-year term. 


The Board typically has 4 meetings during the year:

1 - Nov/Dec after the annual meeting - end of year review and determine the schedule of events for the following year

2 - Jan/Feb - elect officers, finalize the schedule and assign chairpersons to each event, determine the dues for the year, make other plans as appropriate

3 - May - mid year review

4 - Aug - prepare for annual meeting, appoint nominating committee

Board meetings are open to the membership unless otherwise indicated.  The Directors are not compensated for their work.

How do I get a burgee/hat or other merchandise?
Club burgees can be purchased by members at cost for $15.00 each.  Burgees are only sold to members. Club hats can be purchased at cost for $15.00 each. Cups at cost $5.00 and decals $1.00   Extra regatta or social event t-shirts are frequently available for purchase.  Burgees, hats, and t-shirts are frequently available for sale at events or you can contact one of the Directors.


How does my company sponsor an event?

 The 4 major regattas are typically sponsored by a company.  The company pays a sponsorship fee which is used to promote and pay for the event.  In exchange, the sponsor gets mention on all regatta advertising and announcements, the sponsor’s logo is included on the regatta t-shirts, and the sponsor is recognized at the regatta social event and award ceremony.  For information on sponsoring an event, please contact the Commodore or Race Chairman


Where exactly is the Kentucky Lake Sailing Club?

The KLSC is an organization of sailors in the Kentucky Lakes area.  We are not a yacht club and do not have a physical building or office.  The base for our activities is usually Lighthouse Landing Marina in Grand Rivers, KY, 42045.  

How do I register for an event?
When you register for an event, you step through several pages entering information with each subsequent page building on the prior.  Many events will have multiple activities and/or items for sale.  The activities will be specific things a person would attend like the race, dinner, etc.  Items might be t-shirts and such that a person can purchase.  Before you register, you should know who will be joining you and what activities and items each person will be signed up for.

On the Event page, click the Register Now button to start the registration process.

The first page will have an area titled Primary Registrant where you tell us who you are and who the companions/guests are.  If you are a member, login and select Member (or Member&Guest) for the Registration Type.  If you're a non-member, select Non-Member (or Non-Member&Guest) for the registration type and fill in the name/address fields so we know who you are and can contact you.

Then in the Companion/Guests area, fill in the names of all the additional people that will be attending along with you at the event.  If you are a primary member and have setup your spouse as a secondary member, you can click the Add Spouse/Partner/Tertiary members button to select and add them.  Otherwise, enter their name and click Add for each person joining you. It's important that you add them at this point in order to sign them up for dinners, t-shirts, etc.  (If you don't want to enter names or aren't sure exactly who will be in your crew, you can enter names such as "one crew", "two crew", etc.)  When all the companions have been entered, click Next.

The following pages allow you to select which activities and/or items are to be included for each person in your party.  The price for each activity/item is shown along with a check box.  Check each entry as appropriate for each person.  When you finish checking the activities for everyone in your party, the next page will ask event questions.
For many events such as regattas, we need to know the boat, boat name, PHRF, etc.  Enter the information for these questions and click Next.

The next page will show a summary of the registration listing each activity and the individuals signed up for them along with the cost and total cost for the entire event registration. 

Directly above the "Complete Registration" button there are check boxes to indicate payment.  Normally, Pay in advance and Pay at event are available.  If you wish to pay now online with a credit card, check the Pay in Advance option.  If you wish to pay at the event by cash or check, check the Pay at event option.  When you click Complete Registration, you will be registered for the event.  You will receive an email with your registration information.

If you selected Pay in advance, you will be taken to a payment screen where you can enter your credit card information and complete payment.  You can complete the payment anytime up the event by returning to the website, logging in and clicking on Payments to complete your transaction.  When you complete payment, you will receive an email confirmation.  Note that your credit card statement will show "Club Express" for the transaction.  If you are a non-member, you will be charged a processing fee of $2 by Club Express.  So if you are a member, it's important to login first and have the registration processed as a member to avoid this fee.

  1. If the regatta registration fee includes one dinner and one t-shirt, then for the primary registrant, select only the regatta activity and then select dinner and/or t-shirt for the additional people joining you.  The regatta activity should only be checked for one person.
  2. We  are now able to accept credit cards on-site at events.  If you wish to pay on-site with a credit card, check with the event chairperson to make sure that we are setup to do so at the event.